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Fees & Funding

Flexible & Transparent Childcare

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Fixed Core Hours - Oct 23

If you want a simple and straightforward plan for you child's education and childcare, this plan is for you. 

We ask families to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions a week (on different days), with the opportunity to add sessions at any time by giving two month's notice.


Fees are calculated over 50 weeks per year, so you pay the same amount every month. 

Our Core Hour fees are inclusive of all meals, consumables and extra-curricular activities your child will take part in during their sessions unless you are in receipt of funding. 

For information on funded fees, please contact our Nursery Manager.

Fixed Core Hours
Fixed School Hours - Oct 23

Our School Hours plan is great for families with older children at school.

This option allows your child to experience quality education and childcare during the school day.

We ask families to commit to a minimum attendance of 3 sessions per week if they choose this option.


This plan includes a hot lunch, snacks, consumables, and extra-curricular activities that take place within your chosen sessions. All fees are calculated over 50 weeks per year, so you pay the same amount every month.

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Fixed School Hours
Fully Flexible Plan - Oct 23

Our Fully Flexible Plan is perfect for families who are working from home or have varying schedules!

Families commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week, if you need to add/remove hours, we ask for at least 1 week notice to ensure we are able to adhere to OFSTED staffing ratio requirements.

The Fully Flexible Plan is available 50 weeks per year and just like our other plans, includes all food and consumables your child may eat or use during their sessions. Please note, any unattended hours will still be charged at the above rates.

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Please email or call our Nursery Manager to discuss your needs in detail.

Fully Flexible Plan
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