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The Learning Experiences

Children will benefit from the full range of learning opportunities as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS curriculum is set out by the Department for Education and identifies three Prime Areas of learning and development for children aged up to 3.

The Prime areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development

  • Communications and Language

  • Physical development

For those aged 3 to 5 years, these are supplemented by four further Specific Areas:


Expressive Arts

and Design



The World


We use EYFS curriculum and associated guidance combined with our detailed observations of individual children to plan sessions which challenge and stimulate all members of the group and help them work towards developmental milestones in each of these areas. Whole group activities are supplemented by small group and one-on-one work on a daily basis and activities take place both inside and outside.

Our unique experience means that we can provide children with enjoyable Music, Arts and Physical Play activities as part of their daily routine.

In addition, we will also be introducing STEM and Digital Play activities to encourage children to integrate technology into their everyday play and learning experience.

Our nursery has adopted the Curiosity and Play approach to learning. We have taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia method and the years of experience of working with children as they learnt through play activities in the Gymboree Play centre.

We offer activities based around natural resources and encourage as much interaction as possible within the EYFS framework.

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