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Extracurricular Activities

A Brighter Future

Alexander House Nursery provides extra-curricular activities which are delivered through a combination of utilising our staff skills and by bringing in experienced and qualified professionals.*






Meditation &

Well Being

 Cooking Club




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Forest Exploration

Alexander House Nursery aims to take advantage of its location by providing the opportunity for the children to develop their love for nature. Children will explore the outdoor environment at King Georges Park and will be offered activities that will stimulate their natural curiosity.

A selection of outdoor tasks are planned and carried out weekly, these tasks are very flexible and can change in accordance with the children’s interests, weather and seasonal changes.

King George’s Park has three separate well-equipped play areas as well as a large grass area for ball games and picnics. The park also has a small lake with a fountain, ducks, and moorhens. This provides the perfect setting for the children to connect with nature, explore and be more active. Outdoor activities for all age groups are scheduled throughout the day, as this helps them become more engaged with their learning, develop their social skills, experience different seasons and most importantly have fun!

*Extra-curricular activities are delivered subject to the child's age, lockdown measures, staff availability and weather conditions. Please note activities are timetabled, therefore if your child is attending on a part-time basis, they may not be taking part in the listed activities. 

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