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Fees & Funding

Childcare to Suit Your Needs


Alexander House Nursery is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday with early starts subject to availability. We are open 50 weeks per year and closed for one week in August as well as the period between Christmas and New Year's, all public and bank holidays and 2 staff training days. 

We have a flexible and transparent pricing system that allows our families to choose the best plan for their children, lifestyle and work schedule. 

We also offer a 10% sibling discount when you have more than one child with us at a time.

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We offer a range of sessions to allow you the flexibility to choose the best option for your family.


Our core hours are based on standard nursery hours (8am – 6pm), and within these hours, you have the option to attend:

  • Full Day: 

  • Half Day 

  • School Hours

Our fees are inclusive of all meals, consumables and extra-curricular activities your child will take part in during their sessions (excluding funded sessions). 

We ask families to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions a week (on different days), with fees calculated over 51 weeks per year.

For information on funded fees, please contact our Nursery Manager.

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Please email or call our Nursery Manager to discuss your needs in detail.

Fixed Core Hours


Parents wishing to utilise the 15/30 Hour Early Education Entitlement (EECP) for children aged 2 years old or  3 years to 4 years old, are able to apply for places on a part-time or full-time basis. However, session availability for funded places are subject to review on a termly basis and may be limited.

Please note as per the Government Guidelines, families will be *charged a flat rate for consumables based on the number of funded sessions they choose to do.

Families will only be charged for consumables for funded sessions, additional sessions paid for without funding will not be subjected to the charge as our standard fees are all-inclusive.

The Government entitles families to 15/30 hours of funding over 38 weeks. As we are open 50 weeks per year, funding is stretched over 50 weeks this equates to 11.4 hours of funding per week (22.8 hours for 30 Hour EECP).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fully Flexible Plan
  • Can I book adhoc/extra sessions?
    Yes, as long as we have availability and we receive 48 hours notice, we are happy to book additional sessions. Parents can book additional sessions via our dedicated parent portal app.
  • Can I reduce my child’s sessions?
    We require 2 month’s written notice to amend a child’s schedule, however please note our minimum attendance is 3 sessions per week (Full/School Days if funded).
  • Do you accept funding?
    AHN offers both 15-hour and 30-hour free childcare options (depending on availability) and can be used during school hour sessions or full day sessions. An outline of fees and funding information will be sent to you upon completing an enquiry form, please note, funded places are subject to a consumable charge per session to cover food, nappies, wipes, outings and added extras. We encourage you to read to understand the funding offers available and whether you are eligible.
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers?
    We accept all forms of vouchers but we may need to register with new ones. You may need some information from us to set these up, such as Ofsted registration numbers. Please ensure that if you are paying through childcare vouchers, you set up the vouchers to be received by the nursery by the 20th of the month previous, so that the payment is accounted for on your invoice.
  • When is the nursery closed?
    We are closed for all public and bank holidays, two staff-training days per year, as well as a one-week period in August and a one-week period at Christmas. We are open at all other times, aside from any enforced closures. Our one week closures in August & December allows our families to plan for holidays, enables our team time to take a much-deserved rest and gives us time to carry out maintenance work throughout the setting. Fees are chargeable for public and bank holidays and staff training days if these occur on days in your booking pattern. However, our closures in August & December are automatically taken into account when you are invoiced. So, if you are on an equally spread invoice, these weeks have already been factored into your monthly invoice. If you are on a session-based invoice (due to funding), you will notice a 0% charge for these weeks during August and December.
  • What if my child is ill or on holiday and therefore cannot attend nursery?
    Fees are based on the reservation of a place for your child, not on actual attendance. Therefore, all fees are payable even if your child does not attend nursery for all their booked sessions. However, with a one-week nursery closure in August and December, our families are able to plan holidays around those times, without worrying about being charged.
  • Do offer early starts or late pickups?
    Early starts (7.45am) and late pick-ups (6.15pm) are available subject to availability and are chargeable.
  • Do you offer short-term or flexible childcare?
    As a family-owned nursery, we understand that life can be a balancing act! Therefore, we offer full-flexible childcare offer, we ask families to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week, perfect for families who are working from home or have varying schedules! If you need to add/remove hours, we ask for at least 1 week notice to ensure we are able to adhere to OFSTED staffing ratio requirements. The Fully Flexible Plan is available 50 weeks per year and just like our other plans, includes all food and consumables your child may eat or use during their sessions. Please note, any unattended hours will still be charged at the above rates.
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