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Food & Nutrition

Health Food for Healthy Minds

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Food & Nutrition

Research suggests that eating balanced and healthy meals can improve your mental health, enhance cognitive skills and improve academic performance. That’s why we take pride in the food our little ones (and staff) consume throughout the day.


As well as enjoying nutritious meals, children are able to learn about where their food comes from with cooking classes included in our extra-curricular activities for all children.

Whether it be festivities themed around food or cake sales, our little chefs have the opportunity to learn as much about the food they consume as possible.

In House Chef

All of our settings have a dedicated in-house chef who curates and cooks freshly prepared meals everyday. 

Hot meals and snacks are prepared throughout the day taking into consideration dietary preferences, allergies as well as cultural festivities. This means our children have the opportunity to experience a range of foods, flavours and cuisines throughout their time at AHN, educating their taste pallet and feeding their brain so they can continue to grow and develop in the classroom.

With a 5 star food hygiene rating, we ensure the utmost care is taken in providing the best food to keep our little ones going throughout the day.

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Example Menu

We aim to provide balanced and healthy meals for all children attending Alexander House Nursery with fruits and vegetables included in our meals everyday.

Having a in-house chef allows our team to curate delicious meals that provide the nutrition your child needs while accounting for allergies, intolerances and individual preferences.

Please ask the manager for information on how we can accommodate your child's needs.

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