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Why Choose Us?

Picking a nursery can be a daunting task, as our nursery is managed by staff that are also parent’s, we know how important that decision is. We aim to be as transparent as possible so you know you are choosing the right setting for your child, their needs and your family’s needs.

So what makes Alexander House Nursery the setting for you?

1. Our Curriculum

At Alexander House Nursery, we use the Curiosity Approach & Learning Through Play to underpin our curriculum. We ensure our daily routine encourages children to be independent and creative in their learning journey while ensuring structed activities follow the EYFS.

Our nursery practitioners are fantastic at planning child led activities throughout the day that ensure children are stimulated while constantly building on the foundation they need to grow and develop.

With a beautiful park moments away from both of our settings, we ensure children experience planned sports and outdoor learning, as opposed to unstructured outdoor play.

2. Our Diversity

Our nursery is built on OFSTED’s British Values, as part of those values, we encourage our children, families, and staff to embrace the diversity represented amongst us.

With staff and families from around the globe, we are lucky enough to be able to share the beauty of each other’s cultures, traditions and languages. This diversity allows us to create an inclusive and understanding learning journey for all.

3. Our Homecooked Meals

Research suggests that eating balanced and healthy meals can improve your mental health, enhance cognitive skills and improve academic performance. That’s why we take pride in the food our little ones (and staff) consume throughout the day.

Our chefs cooks fresh meals and snacks throughout the day taking into consideration dietary preferences, allergies as well as cultural festivities. This means our children have the opportunity to experience a range of foods, flavours and cuisines throughout their time at AHN, educating their taste pallet and feeding their brain so they can continue to grow and develop in the classroom.

4. Our Flexibility

During the pandemic, we recognised how important flexibility can be and as parents ourselves, we know that things don’t always go to plan.

That’s why we aim to be as flexible as possible with parents, offering a wide range of sessions to choose form as well as fully flexible option for those whose scheduled are ever changing.

Our flexible approach is one of the many things our families love about AHN.

5. Our Size

As a boutique nursery, we are able to provide hands-on, individualistic approach to children in our care. From the moment you join, we aim to understand your child to the fullest, from their favourite foods and toys, their dislikes and needs, we then tailor our settling in process to each child and adapt our lesson plans to ensure each child feels welcomed, comfortable and happy.

As we are not a corporate nursery, we are able to adapt our routines and approach based on each child’s needs. You’re child is unique.

Book a show around today to discover why Alexander House Nursery is for you.


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